PRESS RELEASE: Passage of the AHCA in the House Jeopardizes Health Care for Millions of Disabled Americans and Older Americans

May 5, 2017

Anastasia Bacigalupo
(310) 390-3611

Passage of the AHCA by the House Jeopardizes Health Care for Millions of Disabled Americans and Older Americans

LOS ANGELES, CA – Statement by WCIL Executive Director Anastasia Bacigalupo on the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA):

“Yesterday the US House of Representatives passed the AHCA jeopardizing health care coverage and independence for people with pre-existing conditions and people who receive community-based supports through Medicaid.  This legislation threatens to leave millions of disabled Americans and older Americans without health care and needed supports to live independently in their communities.

As it is currently written the legislation proposes to cut more than $830 billion from the Medicaid program, forcing states to choose between raising state taxes and cutting healthcare services for poor children, disabled Americans and older Americans. In turn, states will be forced to reduce Medicaid benefits, impose waiting lists, implement unaffordable financial obligations, or otherwise restrict access to needed assistance. Without adequate support in the community, disabled Americans and older Americans will face placement in nursing facilities and other institutions, only increasing the strain on already-limited Medicaid resources.

Regardless of this disappointing vote out of the US House of Representatives, WCIL and the disability community continues the fight against the AHCA.  WCIL calls on the US Senate to reject the legislation that threatens to jeopardize the health of millions of disabled Americans and older Americans.”

WCIL and members of the disability community are available for comment and reaction.  For more information, contact Netely Orias at (310) 390-3611

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