Need supportive services in your home?

DCRC Personal Assistance Specialists provide members with the information, training and assistance they need to hire a qualified personal care attendant. To provide this service, the staff directs their efforts in two areas. First, DCRC staff recruits and screens personal care providers to identify those with the qualifications and experience to be able to give safe and reliable services. The names of these attendants are compiled and maintain as a registry for consumer referral. The registry lists the minimum wages the providers will accept, whether they will do IHSS (In-Home supportive Services) jobs and what particular skills or tasks they will provide. Second, the PAS Specialists inform members on how they can contact, interview, hire and negotiate pay with a personal attendant. The member is empowered to decide who the most suitable personal care provider to meet their needs will be. Then, the members are provided with the list of prescreened, qualified attendants compiled by DCRC as well as a handbook on employing a personal attendant. Once the member hires an attendant, whether from the DCRC list or another source, staff continues to be in contact with the member for three months to ensure that the member is receiving the service that they need and that no other issues arise.