June 24, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – In response to the actions of the Trump Administration in its policy of
separating immigrant families detained at the US/Mexico Border, the Disability Community Resource Center (DCRC) makes the following statement:

DCRC condemns the actions of the Trump Administration and compels lawmakers, acting in a bipartisan fashion with the Administration, to instruct the U.S. agencies charged with border
protection and enforcement of our immigration laws to cease and desist the practice of separating children from their parents and primary caregivers at the border, and to reunite these children and their parents or primary caregivers immediately.

“This practice violates multiple human rights laws and treaties, inflicts irreparable harm on children and their families, and is not remotely necessary for the protection of our borders,” says Anastasia Bacigalupo, CEO of DCRC. “We condemn this practice as strongly as possible. We stand in solidarity with these detainees and the communities that support them.”

As a disability rights and services organization, DCRC is deeply concerned about the lack of support and services for disabled children, young adults, individuals and older adults caught in this traumatizing situation. “Any of the detainees who did not enter this situation with Anxiety, Depression and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will most certainly be leaving with these and/or any number of mental health disabilities due to the separation and reunification process,” says CEO Bacigalupo. DCRC emphatically insists that lawmakers pass resolutions to release resources to the facilities holding these detainees and make available Spanish and indigenous language-speaking therapists experienced in trauma informed care who can immediately provide support to the children, young adults, individuals and older adults in this situation. Qualified volunteers with these types of expertise should also be provided immediate access to assist the detainees.

“Regardless of their legal status, let us not forget that these detainees are human beings who have rights and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” says Nancy Urquilla, DCRC Independent Living Specialist.

While the President recently signed an order purporting to halt the separation, it is being reported that there is no clear procedure in place for reuniting children with their parents or primary caregivers. DCRC strongly demands that lawmakers apply political pressure to release local, state and federal funding and personnel so that the utmost urgency is placed establishing an effective reunification procedure.

DCRC and members of the disability community are available for comment and reaction. For more information, contact Anastasia Bacigalupo at (310) 390-3611

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