Debra (Debby) Webb, MSW, has served as a Senior Administrator at The Help Group for the past 35 years. As an executive for this large, multi-campus, non-profit agency with headquarters in Sherman Oaks, she created, developed, supervised, and provided oversight for a wide variety of programs and services for children through adults with varying needs, challenges, and abilities. These have included countless academic, clinical, residential, recreational and vocational programs. On a personal note, Debra and her husband are the proud parents of two daughters, one who is 29 years of age, severely and physically compromised with cerebral palsy, and a 2019 graduate of UC Berkeley.

Deeply immersed in working with and on behalf of the special needs community for many years, Debra has worked with and/or collaborated with many public and private agencies, organizations, and businesses. She has developed all kinds of programs and events and provided leadership and executive oversight of their operations. As a parent herself of a child with enormous needs, very early on she educated herself about laws, resources and advocacy, and never stopped encouraging and supporting success and independence. As such, it was fitting that when she was invited to join the DCRC Board in 2019. After an invitation from DCRC, whose purpose and mission resonates so clearly with her, she felt honored and delighted to accept. She felt that her personal and professional history, knowledge and skills would make her a good match for the position and that she would be able to make a meaningful contribution. Debra is proud to serve on the DCRC Board, and support the important work of this truly special agency.