Please use the following template to write to decisionmakers to urge them to consider immediately vaccinating people with disabilities described as having underlying health conditions and comorbidities: 

People with underlying health conditions and comorbidities have been designated to receive COVID-19 vaccinations in phase 1c but should be included in phase1b to receive immediate vaccinations because their conditions put them at high risk to become sick with COVID-19, possibly fatally.  

The Centers for Disease Control issued revised data in late December 2020 online at to reflect the most recent knowledge about a range of comorbidities and risk of COVID-19. This list includes but is not limited to cancer, Down syndrome, heart conditions, weakened immune systems, obesity, asthma, neurologic conditions and liver and pulmonary diseases. 

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It is therefore essential that individuals with comorbidities be moved from phase 1c to phase 1b to receive a COVID-19 vaccination immediately! As of January 19, more than 400,000 people in the United States have died from COVID-19 coronavirus since the pandemic began. By the end of February, health officials fear the death toll might hit 500,000, a number that would have seemed unthinkable a year ago. The United States has had more total COVID-19 deaths than any other country in the world. It simply cannot be overemphasized how this deadly virus has ravaged our country’s population, economy, and political stability!  

Even as eligibility has been extended to adults 65+ to receive COVID-19 vaccinations immediately, timely eligibility should also be extended to people with underlying health conditions and comorbidities to protect them from this deadly virus and prevent further fatalities. This is the right thing to do and reflects our national belief in human value.  

Please consider including people with underlying conditions and comorbidities in phase 1b to receive an immediate COVID-19 vaccination!  

Please send your correspondence to the following: 

California Health & Human Services Secretary, Mark Ghaly:

California Department of Public Health Director, Dr. Tomas Aragon: