Use the following template to urge Governor Newsom to address a worsening mental health crisis and feel free to personalize. Submit through the Governor’s online portal at https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/index.php

Hi, my name is (your name) from (City, State):

I am calling/writing as your constituent to urge you to create greater access to behavioral health care professionals and services to care for a growing number of people experiencing mental health and substance use disorders during the pandemic. We can and must do better! Please sign two critically important mental health bills.

Assembly Bill 2112 will create the state’s first Office of Suicide Prevention, leading research and prevention efforts aimed at reducing suicide rates. Suicide is now the leading cause of death among young people, and it is increasing among seniors and veterans returning home with post-traumatic stress disorders. Families, friends and communities are needlessly suffering. AB 2112 is a bold step needed to create new suicide prevention strategies. 

Assembly Bill 3242 will create more access to mental health services. This important bill will enable specialty care providers to conduct mental health assessments remotely through telehealth. If signed, AB 3242 will create greater access to mental health providers, shorten wait times for treatment, and allow for more regular, ongoing care. This bill is co-sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness California and the California Hospital Association. Governor Newsom, we urge you take bold and innovative action now! Please sign AB 2112 and AB 3242.