Please use the following message as a template to reach out to Governor Newsom online at to express your support for the existence of statewide Independent Living Centers and the critical services they provide to cross-disability residents, seniors, underserved communities, such as African Americans with disabilities, and many other community members:

We believe that all people living and working in the State of California should have full and equal access to health, safety and resiliency, which promotes belonging and equity in our communities.

The California State Legislature is currently considering a proposal in response to Govenor Newsom’s May State Budget Revision to cut funding through the Department of Rehabilitation to the network of Independent Living Centers by $2.1 million to help cover a $54.3 billion State budget deficit.   We join with the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers (CFILC) in strongly opposing the proposed budget cut of $2.1 million to statewide Independent Living Centers.

We further oppose: 

  • The proposed $3 million cuts to Aging and Disability Resource Centers.
  • Proposed cuts to Medi-Cal optional benefits.
  • The proposed 7% cut to IHSS. 
  • The elimination of MSSP and CBAS.
  • The elimination of the nutrition program. 

If implemented, these proposed cuts would seriously undermine the Olmstead Decision – case law supporting the right of people with disabilities to live in the community of their choice – by putting people with disabilities and seniors, including African Americans with disabilities at even more risk of institutionalization and death should those community based supports be cut back or eliminated.  

This is the time to prove that we don’t abandon our commitment to equity by sacrificing our most vulnerable residents when they need us most! If we want to live in a world where black lives matter, then black disabled lives must matter as well. 


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